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Dear Member,

Wilko has informed retail team members and GMB Union that the company is going to commence collective consultation on their proposal to operate 7 day deliveries.

The Wilko proposals affect a total of 311 stores;

In 35 stores, Wilko is proposing the removal of the night shift and supervisors role and team members will be put at risk of redundancy.
There are 9 stores where this can’t be achieved at present.
In the other 267 stores the proposal is to introduce new rota’s to include weekends.

This will not affect team members statutory rights to opt out of Sunday Working.
The collective consultation will last a minimum of 45 days.

The GMB will be meeting Wilko on Tuesday 18th September at the Head Office in Worksop.

Whilst we recognise its very tough times on the High Street for retailers and we want Wilko to get back to profitability, the GMB Union will defend our members jobs, hours, flexible working arrangements and livelihoods.

If you’re a GMB Union member and affected by the proposed changes, get in contact with your local GMB Union rep, Convenor or Regional Office. We want your views, and alternative proposals to feed back in to the collective consultation.

Please contact GMB Union for representation at your 1 to 1 meetings.
We will send out regular bulletins and updates throughout the collective consultation period.
If you’re not currently a GMB member and wish to join, you can do so online , seeing your local rep, contacting a convenor or by completing the form overleaf.

Yours sincerely,

Posted: 23rd September 2018

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