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To all members,

In relation to the ongoing discussions, briefings and conversations over the past few days, GMB would like to clarify our position.

7 day working is a business decision, in order to spread the workload, resource and fleet across the whole week to improve efficiency and in order to service deliveries to stores as required. The interim rotas which have been presented are clearly different to what we currently have. This has a significant impact on work-life balance and may potentially have a detrimental impact on wellbeing and mental health by not having sufficient weekends or days together to spend with family and friends.

GMB have NOT agreed, approved or authorised these changes.

Contractually, the company can schedule team members within the parameters of the current contract, however there is a desire to move to a more palatable shift pattern which is more understanding and considerate to team members work-life balance and wellbeing. There are ongoing negotiations and discussions regarding this which we will update on as they develop.

You still have the statutory right to request flexible working at any time within a 12 month period, in line with policy. The ongoing panel process is now at appeal stage and these are currently scheduled to be heard next week. Should you apply now, this will follow the usual process.

We will continue to support members individually during any flexible working process and we are endeavouring to deal with all queries as a matter of urgency.

Posted: 12th March 2019

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