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We would like to give an update following a post on our sister page, GMB W21 Branch.

As expected, the new rotas are causing a lot of upset, anger and frustration within the DC and also with our colleagues at DC2. This is due to the detrimental impact to work-life balance and the requirement to work a hugely increased amount of weekends.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of untruths being said both on the shop floor and on social media regarding the reps at DC1. Although we appreciate that emotions and feelings are high and it is very easy to lash out and blame GMB for the company’s actions, the reps are all unpaid volunteers and are working tirelessly and selflessly to support our members. It is worth remembering that every single one of the reps is subject to the same rotas and have their own personal issues too. Constructive criticism and feedback is of course welcomed, however abuse and personal attacks must stop. We would remind you that any post on Facebook, Twitter etc is subject to the Wilko social media policy and as such, we will take steps to protect our members and delete any offensive or aggressive comments.

Once again, as previously stated in our notice last week, GMB have categorically not agreed, approved or authorised any of these interim rotas.

As alluded to in the post referred to above, there is a meeting at Head Office on Thursday 14th March where amongst many other current issues, GMB (DC1) have placed on the agenda the item ‘unreasonable working rotas/patterns’.

Following this meeting, there may be further options available, which GMB have relayed to the relevant Regional and National officers regarding the strong feeling for an indicative ballot and this may be considered following Thursday’s meeting.

In the meantime, GMB do understand there is a lot of anger but please continue to support your GMB reps who are not in any way at fault. Please continue to provide them with constructive feedback throughout this process so that we can make sure your voice is heard.



In more positive news, GMB at DC1 can confirm we have negotiated an increase to full-time contracts for over 200 team members, along with a much-improved criteria to allow more eligible team members to gain more security in their hours. Eligible team members should be informed over the next week or two.

Posted: 12th March 2019

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