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Living Wage Ballot Result

Dear GMB members,

The ballot of GMB members on the Company offers relating to the introduction of the National Living Wage in April has concluded.

GMB wants to acknowledge the impact on the offers, both positive and negative, on members resulting in GMB receiving lots of comments and feedback. A majority of members will benefit from the changes, a fact reflected in the results, however we cannot ignore those that won’t, and GMB knows we have to work hard on the challenges still ahead for all members.

We also want to apologise to those members who received a late ballot, this was an error that we have taken steps to ensure does not happen again.


GMB members voted as follows:

Option 1 – 2%

Option 2 – 87%

Option 3 – 11%

We will be communicating the final results to the Company today (Friday 19th February) with implementation due in April.

If you have recently changed address, email or telephone contact details, could you please give these updated details to your local GMB rep or email

Yours sincerely,

Eamon O’Hearn Large
GMB Commercial Services Section

Posted: 28th February 2016

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