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PAY TALKS UPDATE – 16th May 2019

On Tuesday 14/05/2019 The National Negotiating Team again met with the company for further discussions on the 2019 pay award. Although progress was made the talks didn’t reach a final offer position.

Due to the progress that was made and both parties being eager to reach a proposition that can be put to GMB members, a further meeting has been arranged for early next week with a view to concluding the negotiations.

As always please check your contact details that you have provided GMB with are up to date, to ensure you receive all important correspondence.

Only GMB members are eligible to vote on pay or any other matter relating to term and conditions of employment within Wilko and the more numerous the members, the greater the strength. If you have a colleague that isn’t a member of GMB please take the time to make them aware of the benefits of joining today.

Posted: 21st May 2019

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