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UPDATE – 7th June 2019

We wanted to give an update in regards to the ongoing weekend working dispute at both DCs as we are fully aware of the frustration with how long the process is taking and this has been relayed to the GMB National Officer.

At both DCs the teams have been waiting while some last minute dialogue has been taking place between Wilko and GMB National office to try and finalise the wording of the company offer and this has resulted in the need to get some of the previously raised points re-challenged adding further delay.

We have been informed this morning by GMB National Office that Wilko wishes to have one more last and final meeting on Monday 10th June before the offer is put to members.

The current stance is that this will be attended to see if there is the possibility for further movement that could benefit the membership but will also be the final meeting attended and the offer will be put to members immediately post meeting. After discussion with our National Officer this morning, we have reiterated our position that a ballot has to go out early next week irrespective of which way Monday’s meeting goes and this has been agreed.

Just to be clear, the final offer will be put to both DC1 and DC2 members to see if they find the offer acceptable or not. As soon as we receive any further updates from National office they will be posted immediately.

Posted: 9th June 2019

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