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Dear Colleagues,

GMB has been in talks with Wilko to try to resolve the weekend working dispute. Throughout these negotiations we’ve stressed that GMB members want less weekend working and there needs to be an immediate improvement in the rota’s.

Wilko have not been able to commit to this.

What Wilko have said is they’re committed to recruiting enough additional employees to move to 1 in 3 outside the peak period (rota’s would remain as they are now through peak).

The full proposal from Wilko is outlined overleaf for your consideration.


GMB Next Steps – Ballot


The GMB intends to hold a ballot on the Wilko proposal.

The ballot will be postal and your choice will be to either accept or reject the Wilko proposal. If GMB members reject the offer then we will hold a strike action ballot.

Please make sure your contact details are up to date so we can send you a ballot paper. Please look out for your ballot paper in the post. If you don’t receive a ballot paper, then contact your local GMB rep and they will arrange for a ballot paper to be sent to out to you.

Remember, only GMB members get a say and a ballot paper.


Yours sincerely

Gary Carter

National Officer



Wilko Proposal




  1. Wilko are committed to reduce the amount of weekend working through the recruitment of weekend workers.

We explained we are committed to our goal which is to achieve a 1 in 3 working pattern for all team members (outside of our peak period).

To help achieve this, we’re committed to advertising for and employing team members on weekend only contracts and we’ll continue to do this until we have enough resources for a 1 in 3 working pattern (outside of our peak period).

In simple terms, every time each DC recruits a third more team members the number of weekends worked will reduce. This equates to 74 teams members in DC1 and 37 team members are recruited in DC2.

24 weekend workers are due to start at DC1 on 15th/16th June. 5 weekend workers have been recruited at DC2 and 19 are due to start on 11th & 19th June 2019.

1 in 3 will be achieved for all team members when DC1 achieves a total headcount of 1,586 and DC2 achieves a total headcount of 859

Every week we will share the number of team members we have recruited and the total number of team members for each DC with the GMB.


  1. Store Delivery

We have also reduced the number of weekend stores serviced by 5% to support the number of weekends worked. This has been reduced by 15 stores in DC1 and 5 in DC2. We are committed to review the store base weekly.


  1. DC1 Nights

Following positive survey results, team members on Nights in DC1 at their request are moving to a “5 on 3 off” rota, which supports their work/life balance. Team members will start this new work pattern on 30th June 2019. The remaining nights team members will be subject to the 1 in 3 proposal when that can be delivered.


  1. 5/6 Team Members

These team members will remain on their current rota patterns until enough weekend workers have been recruited to apply the first frequency reduction. There will also be the option to trial a 5/7 contract for an 8-week period.


  1. 5/7 Team Members

These team members will continue with their current terms and conditions working alternate weekends (Saturday and Sunday) until enough weekend workers have been recruited to apply the first frequency reduction. Continuing working alternate weekends in the interim ensures that you get regular weekends off in the 1 in 2 weekend working pattern.


  1. One Off Financial Payment £100

For all team members employed @ 10th June 2019 (with no additional conditions) to be paid end of August 2019. This is a goodwill gesture for the successful introduction of 7 day working recognising the commitment required from Team Members.


  1. Scope of this Proposal

The proposal in its entirety applies to TMs levels 1 to 4 within DC1/DC2.

Posted: 11th June 2019

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